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    Read these topics before contacting our team
    01. Please understand that we will only answer serious questions.

    02. All messages like 'hi, you're here' will be ignored!

    03. Please speak like civilized people, otherwise you will be ignored.

    04. NO We help, NO we give Clan Hall, NO we give we give any type of REWARD Independent whether your clan has 1,000 Players or not. If you ask for this type of 'strength' you will be ignored.

    05. We are willing to solve any type of bug / problem, but please kindly contact us directly to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

    06. Are you interested in donating? Access the donation page, there is the price of Tickets Donate and the payment methods. In the game you will be able to know the price of the items on the npc.

    07. DON'T ASK FOR DONATE DISCOUNT !!! The donate bonus is already written on the donate tab. Such messages will be ignored.


    Do you need to contact our team?

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    This is the only communication page between the team and the players. You are being attended by another page or by someone who said he was a dancer, Esteja is aware that WE ARE NO! Somebody tempting to benefit from illegal driving.

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    "O Senhor está comigo, não temerei. O que me podem fazer os homens?" (Salmos 118:6)