L2Kiss - Lineage 2 Private Server
Pos. Nome do Char PVP
1. CARRASCO 3973
2. TheKinG 2665
3. Lyon 2583
4. HEWLETT 1916
5. BRUXOFF 1881

Now Clan / Ally system is retail like non-limit! non-limit on Epic/Raid/Siege's zone! Castle Premium: DION / GLUDIO / RUNE (Cancelled!)   The any change will take effect after the next scheduled restart
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Tournament 1x1 - 2x2 - 4x4 - 9x9 Respawn [Spoil Event Zone] Protection (Smart-Guard) Ant-Bot | Ant-Hacker And More! Bot detection by behaviour patterns (auto-ban use bot or other illicit programs) Será necessário baixar um Novo Patch para logar no servidor apartir de HOJE. Jewell Boss [PvP] | Respa...
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Castle Premium Event - 04 April, 2020
Giran & Aden Premium reward [250 ticket]   Giran 04/04/2020 Clan: ANTZerG Leader: TaLaRiCo (winner 250 Donate tickets) Aden 05/04/2020 Clan: HighDensity Leader: PRESIDENTE (winner 250 Donate tickets) Next Castle Premiums Dion & Gludio Premium reward [150 ticket] Dion 11/04/2020 Clan: XXX Leader: XXX Gludio 11/04/...
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Many class damage by or to reworked by PVP's All Vortex now By Retail-Off like Dragon Valley & Primavel Isle (Back to PvP Zones) Siege Premium: Aden & Giran (250 Tickets Cada!) Clan / ally System! New policies by anti-Zerg on L2Kiss from Penalty Clan/Ally We are adapting this official lineage 2 config to limit the to...
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Removed Item by Shop - 28 March, 2020
Removed from shop/players items Charm of Courage & Blessed Scrolls Ressurection.   Reasons: Bad players no longer know how to play the pure Lineage2.
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Tomorrow we will make available in the .menu two new options to help in the 'graphical lag' of some players with options to disable / activate the brightness of the weapons and the hero aura.
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Dryad Root / Shackle > time is 10seconds now. Damages By Storm Screams On Fighters reduced by -5%! Damage By Warriors on Fighters/Mages boost +10% Skills: Aura Flare / Aura Flash is now totally Retail!
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Heroic Berserker  2 minutes > 1minute : 30 seconds | S/A BlockDebuff 2 minutes > 15 seconds many others little bugs fixed.
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Server Update 05/03/2020 - 05 March, 2020
Skill Hero Weapon's > Infinity Rod/Scepter [fixed bug with energystone etc only heapercent skills now!] Sleeps Skills base land rate: 40% > 20% > time reduced 10% Angelic Icon -45% delay and +5seg increase time Balanced damage Mages on physical tankers Now Surrender Water/Wind/Fire to retail without editions. The change wil...
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Good as everyone knows the policy of L2Kiss.com is that we reset PvP's / PK's every 2 months aiming that a new audience is always arriving every day on the server we just have to thank you for creating this incredible community! As well as everyone knows the 1st 2nd 3rd place of the top pvp / pks win tickets donations as a reward will be sent to th...
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