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Created with love and alive since 2015. Best place to play !
The server is completely free, emulated on an L2Java basis.
Our emulation program provides a perfect gaming environment. As this is a PvP server, some changes have been made to ensure player satisfaction.

Server Details Rates
Experience (XP)
Skill Points (SP)
Rate Drop Adena

Buffs: 34+4, All buffs in NPC and Scheme System.
Armors: Titanium, Dark Knight, Dynasty.
Weapons: Grade S, Epic, Dynasty, Icarus.
Accessories: +5% P.def and M.def.
Tattoo's and Jewels Boss.
Skin System: Allowed exclusive VIP skins.
Status Noblesse: Quest / RaidBoss CUSTOM / Donate
Start System: LV.20 Top D-Grade | Sub-Class Lv.40
Party Rules: Max 2bishop; 2warlord/duelist; 2overlord; 2titan/tank;

Clan/Ally System
Members Clan:(RETAIL LINEAGE2!)
Number of clans in ally: 1 clan's (only crest)
Royal and Knights: Disabled
AntiZerg Epic/Raid/Siege/PTZone: 3 Partys (27 Players)

Enchant System
Safe: +4 | Max: +25.
Normal Enchant: 80% (decreasing 5% on every enchant). Fail? broken
Blessed Enchant: 90% (decreasing 5% on every enchant). Fail? return +4
Curse Scroll: 0-20(100%), 21(60%), 22(40%), 23(30%), 24(20%), 25(10%) Curse fail? lose scroll.
Kiss Enchant: 100% at +25

Argument System
Top Life Stone: 0% Chance obtain Skill.
High Life Stone: 0% Chance obtain Skill.
Mid Life Stone: 0% Chance obtain Skill.
Life Stone: 0% Chance obtain Skill.
Chance de Status: 5% (Ex: INT +1, STR+1, CON+1).

Death Match | Team vs Team: 1 in 1 Hours.
Party Farm: 10:00, 14:00, 19:15, 23:00 (60 min Duration).
Kill the Boss: 10:15, 16:15, 19:15
Eventos Diarios Automaticos.

Time: 18h to 00h GMT-3.
Items: Grade-S / No Custom / Allowed Jewels Boss.
Enchant: +6 on Arena / Custom Items Blocked.
Period: 7 em 7 Dias.
Minimum 9 Games, Minimum 4 Points to be Hero.

Period: 7 in 7 Days (70 minutes duration).
Only registered clans can join the siege

Injection Protections.
DDoS protection.
Maximum number of 3 client windows running.
You can only go to the farm with 1 client per (HWID).
Use of Bots with automatic detection through Captcha. Penalty: 1st Time Jail 60 min. Next permanent ban.
Uso de Bots com detecção manual através de inspeção da Staff. Penalidade: 1º Vez Jail de 24h. Próxima ban permanente.
as configurações e recursos que não foram relatados aqui são de varejo, ou seja, iguais ao Lineage II oficial ou foram considerados irrelevantes.

JILV Trabalhos Digitais - 35.751.681/0001-04
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