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Staris - 04/09/2020

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Buffers:  2h time > 4h time

Price PER Buff 5,000,000 to 1,500,000

Automatic Buffs Price 50,000,000 to 25,000,000

new.gif All Saved Schemes Buff: Hots and heroic deleted

new.gif Change Class: After change class u dont leave buffs!

new.gif Heroic/Hots Springs Removed from Npc Buffer/Scheme

AIO Have Heroic and Hot Springs buffs


Weapon Skins:  Price for use now is 250K farm Coin

new.gif Reformuled HTML Weapon Skins

new.gif Antharas Skin changed to Cursed Antharas/Akamanah 


receive +20% damage on all Tankers Class

+10% damage on duelist, archmage, mysticmuse

+5% damage on titan

MaxMAtkSpeed 1900 > 2000

MaxPAtkSpeed = 1600 continued


new.gif AIO Buffer (Coin)

Increased and valued

Added to Gm Shop : Special Items

AIO Token 15/30 Days for Farm & Events

new.gif Price Coin readjusted


Run Launcher to get all updates

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