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Server Changes 04/07/2020

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Limit Clan system

Raid boss: 3 Partys ( 27 Players per clan/ally )

Epic boss: 4 Partys ( 36 Players per clan/ally )

Siege Zones: 5 Partys ( 45 Players per clan/ally )

LEMBRANDO: A staff não irá se envolver em ações dos jogadores como todos concordaram em voltar o limit system por tanto sejam honesto aprendam a perder e ganhar não fique solicitando suporte para "revisar" os jogadores jogando para "punir" por "zerg" etcs.

Lineage II é um jogo onde se ganha e se perde. Não existe personagem perfeito ou imortal, todos tem suas vantagens e desvantagens.


Protection Update

Significantly improved kernel driver that protects game process. Fixed a vulnerability that allowed disabling some protection functions.

Added support for Windows 10 2004.

Fixed a problem in the java server core that caused message "Game server decided to close your game session." to appear for some players on some java server builds.

The problem leading to incomplete scanning of the user's system for bad apps was fixed.
The problem was fixed when the crash of the game client during its launch did not display any error messages to the user.
Fixed the problem with a false error message when the SmartGuard service was stopped.
Fixed a bug leading to BSOD.
Fixed problem with detecting test mode on Windows 8.
Fixed a bug in the filtering mechanism for access to the protected game process, which allowed privileged access.
Fixed memory leak.
Fixed the problem of incorrect operation of anti-cheat on systems with limited user rights (corporate PCs, etc.).
Fixed a problem in the system of plug-ins for SmartGuard, in some conditions leading to an incorrect completion or crash of the game client.
We are still working hard on improving SmartGuard. Please let us know if we have missed some important issues or something is not working correctly for you, this is pretty much the only way we can improve and fix things.

Improved certain methods for the interaction of anti-cheat with Windows 10, which led to a tangible performance optimization on this OS.

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