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  1. Hi admin .Dominator is same dude .Crazy cast and big damage .Please fix domi
  2. Hi admin can u remove varka pvp zone or fix please .in varka zone no have g keeper and we cant use teleport to town .All mages can drain from mobs and all mobs are verry agresive
  3. Hi admin .I play non stop dagger -im Nylo and i wanna to say- Everyone noob dagger can kill pro dagger whit lethal .Lethal make server unbalance dude.Better low chance lethal and up dagger Physycal damage .Now dagger have perfect balance - only lethal is terrible
  4. Hi admin can u check LorDMaverick .He use bot in pvp zone non stop
  5. Admin vote dont work dude.We cant vote for server.May b need new I.P. in new host or other thing - i dont know .Just fix coz dont work
  6. Hi admin .After new update i saw in gm shop weapon kriss back blow .I wanna test this weapon but i cant found bless weapon b grade. I try +20 with normal scrol and all time after +9 weapon = boom .Can u add bless weapon scrols b grade please ?