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  1. allo i need chane class but i donate my ticket ...  how chane class now?


  2. br0 why u remove paypal from donate ???


    1. [̲̅K̲̅α̲̅α̲̅y̲̅]


      unfortunately paypal does not accept our terms and is deactivating our accounts so the only way will be the one that is definitely available on the site.

  3. can you help m with my clan br0 ... ??? i cant put it clan my ally ... you can make this ??

  4. allo br0  MrGraM here: im goin to put my friend on alliance and tells me u have someone in your aliance and u have exceeded the limit ? but i see that i dont have anyone in my ally how does that hgappen??? MrGraM name char  and clan FeelThePaiN  

  5. br0 i no have clan my ally and i have limit wtf??? MrGraM name FeelThePaiN clan plzz ....

  6. hi .. beqause i can not invite ally another clan ? i no have clan ally i am solo i went to put it and they didnt..? why


    1. mrgram
    2. [̲̅K̲̅α̲̅α̲̅y̲̅]


      I believe I still have a penalty

    3. mrgram


      fix it br0 ty ... w8 my friend for ally plzz